@ManticGames Crazy Box

Name: Mantic Games Crazy Box
Company: Mantic Games
MSRP: Uber Crazy Box of Doom $84.99
Sci-fi Crazy Box $39.99

Battlezones Terrain

Mars Attacks
Big Stompy Robot

Flaming Cows

Giant Mutant Spider

Science Division Bug Handler

Supreme Regent

Beloss Bel

Martian Standard Bearer

Corporation Marines

Marauder Command Sprue


Mutant Team

Enforcer Captain

Plague Zombies

Forge Father Inferno Drill

Forge Father Jotunn

Forge Father Stormrage Veterans

Forge Father Forge Guard

Air Starter Set


Fire Starter Set





#Bones #KingsOfWar #Herd Army

Name: Bones Kings Of War Herd Army
Company: Reaper Bones/Mantic Games
MSRP: Various

Tribal Warriors (Gnolls)

Tribal Hunters (Bugbears)

Guardian Brutes (Minotaurs)

Brutox (Minotaur Demon)

Centaur Chief (Male Centaur) and Shaman on Mount (Female Centaur)

Avatar (Brass Bull)

Beast Pack (Bones Animals)

Chimera with Wings


#DUSTTactics SSU Painted

Name: DUST Tactics SSU Painted
Company: Paolo Parente’s DUST http://www.dust-tactics.com/
MSRP: Various

SSU Heroes


Red Command

Red Storm

Red Thunder

SSU Specialists

Heavy Red Command

Red Tornado

Silent Death

Koshka & Grand’ma

BR-47 Self Propelled Weapons Platform

KV-47 Walker

KV-47 Recovery & Demolition Walker

MIL MI-45 Airborne Transport with Chinese Volunteers

MIL MI-46 Airborne Walker Transport

Ground Attack Helicopter

IS-5 Heavy Tank

IS-48 Super Heavy Tank